How to Wear Scarves in the Spring and Summer

Spring is a great time of year in terms of fashion. With its flower prints, beautiful pastel colors, sundresses and other spring fashions, it opens up a whole new world of clothing possibilities that are just not available or appropriate in the winter. However, if you love scarves, the onset of spring can be a bit sad since many people feel scarves are not appropriate attire for the spring and summer. Thankfully, that is not true. You can still enjoy your lightweight scarves in the spring and even into the summer if you follow the suggestions listed below:
Monarch Glen Scarf
Wear it on your head:
A lightweight scarf is the perfect hair accessory on a spring or summer day. Wear a pretty patterned scarf in your hair while you sit by the pool or enjoy a day at the park during the heat of the day. When the temperature begins to cool in the evenings, take the scarf out of your hair, and wrap it around your neck or shoulders. Using a scarf in this manner is a great way to avoid having to carry along a light coat if you are planning on staying out after dark. In addition, if you color your hair, direct sunlight can dull your color. Therefore, using a scarf to protect your hair from the hot summer sun is a great way to protect your hair and enjoy your favorite scarves at the same time.

Canyon View ScarfIn addition to protecting your hair and providing you with a way to keep yourself warm after sunset, wearing a scarf in your hair also looks great with a sundress or bold patterned dress, and it allows you to accentuate one color within the pattern. For example, simply wear a scarf in the color you wish to showcase to make one color on the dress stand out above the rest.

Dress up a T-shirt or tank:
A plain T-shirt or tank paired with a pair of capris or jeans can look bland. Thankfully, an easy way to dress up a plain T-shirt or tank is to wear a scarf. For instance, if you are wearing a plain white T-shirt and jeans, wearing a bold-colored, patterned scarf is a great way to dress up the look and give it some style.

Use it to pull an outfit together:
If you just love wearing colors but cannot select just one, you can use a scarf to pull together your look. For example, combining a bright pink top and pastel blue pants can look a bit awkward. However, if you add to that look a scarf that incorporates both colors, all of a sudden the outfit looks put together and attractive.

Scarves are fun and stylish and an easy way to dress up a look or add a personal flair to an otherwise cookie-cutter look. Thankfully, you can still enjoy your lightweight scarves in the spring and even into the summer by following the suggestions listed above.

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