Summer Bike Ride: Style 101

During the summertime bike riding is the perfect mode of transportation for exploring. Take a relaxing ride after a long day at work to adventure through local parks, city streets or ocean boardwalks. Admire parts of nature that are often overlooked when speeding by in daily routines. Discover family owned restaurants, little boutiques, and local farmer markets. Pack a picnic and bring friends along to enjoy the afternoon while making memories to last a lifetime.

Style the perfect outfit for cycling by combining comfort and style. Bike riding is fun so, get playful with skirts, bright colors and mix prints. The most important thing is to wear practical footwear; yes practical footwear can be cute too. Stick with us, Arhaus Jewels has a great selection of accessories to get you pedaling in style.


Fitted Hat: Kept the setting sun out of your eyes with a hat that won’t fly off when cycling.

Comfortable T-Shirt: Choose a shirt that doesn’t have loose ends or to large embellishments that could catch on parts of a bike.

Skirt: Don’t be shy, you can wear a skit on a bike, just make sure its knee length and not shorter or longer.

Colorful Scarf: Add a pop of color to your look with a stripped or floral pattern scarf.

Wrist Watch: No, need to bring a cell phone, enjoy the moment and keep time with a cute watch.

Cross Body Bag: Large shoulder bags can get in the way, try a small cross body bag instead.

Earrings: Wear studs or small dangle earrings to bring a touch of glimmer to your outfit. Footwear: Skip the sneakers and opt for leather sandals with ankle straps.

Flowers: Finish off the look by picking garden flowers and putting them the front basket for a romantic touch.


1. The Rogue Bag ($220): This convertible bag is perfect for biking downtown, strap across the back for the ride then over the shoulder to grab a bite to eat. This bag features silver hardware, topstitched trim, and a magnetic snap opening

2. Mistral Top ($141): Inspired by a vintage piece found in Southern California with the casual surf vibe of Baja, Mexico. This top is lively, great for an afternoon of biking.

3. Playtime Watch ($90): What better watch to wear on a fun outing than the one we named playtime? Our loose fitting, double wrap watch is fun and functional with its bright orange leather strap and easy to read face.

4. Blithe Scarf($35): Variegated stripes of pink, orange, chartreuse, and teal on a gray background give our soft four seasons wool scarf a happy vibe. Pair this scarf with a simple comfort top for a pop of color.

5. Lola Sandals ($119): Thong style flats that are chock full of style and easy on the feet. These no hassle sandals are cute and comfy just right for biking.

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