Hot Right Now: Elephant Jewelry and Scarves

Wearing elephant jewelry has been a longstanding trend, but for many years, this trend relied on carved ivory jewelry. Thankfully, legislation has been making it more difficult to trade ivory, protecting these beautiful animals; you don’t have to wear ivory to enjoy elephant accessories and jewelry. Instead, take a walk on the wild side with fun pieces that feature majestic African and Asian elephants! Check out some of these hot trends you can incorporate into your fashion this year.

elephant jewelry from Arhaus jewels Elephant Print Scarves

Dress up a simple outfit with an elephant scarf, full of subdued colors that lend themselves well to many different styles. The simple greys and whites in the scarf will go with anything, from a brightly colored raincoat and slacks to your favorite comfy tee and pair of jeans.

While many people who see you won’t notice right away that this scarf features elephants, they’ll be delighted to discover the print on closer inspection. This scarf makes a perfect gift for someone who loves animals or has always wanted to go on an African safari.

Elephant Motif Jewelry

The runways have been exploding with animal prints this season, and you can accessorize this hot look with jewelry featuring elephants. Simple metal designs will go with any color and pattern while tying into a broader theme and drawing many compliments.

What could be more fun than a parade of miniature elephants prancing around your finger or wrist? An elephant ring will bring a smile to your face every time you see the tiny versions of this huge animal encircling your finger in an endless chain. If you want a bigger version, consider an elephant bracelet. The metal cuff is a hot style right now, and the elephants bring a fun touch to the accessory.

If you prefer just one elephant on your jewelry, consider a pendant necklace with a two-tone elephant. The clean design goes with anything from a V-neck sweater to a fancy dress. Mix it with tribal prints for an exotic look that is sure to draw attention!

Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or a gift for a friend or loved one, embrace the trend of elephant jewelry. It’s easy to fit the jewelry and accessories in with an existing wardrobe, and they’re versatile enough to work with a wide range of styles. These accessories will be ones that stick around in your collection for years!

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